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New Edge Xtreme Technologies was formed in April of 2008. Back then, a few organizations went to Ed Leduke asking for help with their web presence. Have a strong background in IT as well as Marketing and Finance, Ed lent a hand to get things going for them. Word began to travel to other companies, and soon the need to form a company could not be ignored.

Today, those customers are still with NEXT. We are proud to have all of our customers still with us, and new ones joining us all the time. Our customer service is our strength. We hear stories all the time about other companies taking days and weeks to respond to questions and requests, and the customers suffer. When they do finally get a response, they are charged for every contact at high rates. Not here. Our clients are thrilled that we respond very quickly to our clients, and effectively solve their issues or assist with their needs. And we do it at reasonable costs that don't make you afraid to call. We have the philosophy that our clients success is important to our success, and we work accordingly. We want you to be happy, and we partner with you to make it a great experience.

The name New Edge Xtreme Technologies is a combination of concepts. New Edge comes from the idea that old and outdated marketing can only be so effective. The web is the marketplace where you need to be. If you don't have a web presence, you need one or your won't survive. Technologies is basically IT. Computers and the internet are the current and the future. Get technological now. Xtreme is from the concept that we are not like other companies. We strive for success in ways other than just the bottom line. We have no problem helping out with things, giving ideas for IT success, but also marketing and business analysis. Our owner, Ed Leduke, has a strong background in Business Intelligence, and has no problems working with clients to help them further their organizations with analysis and reporting as well.

We are here for you. Whether you are alone, have a small team, or are thinking about starting a site, we can help. Give us a call and find out how to take the NEXT step!

Email Ed directly, or call him at 603-617-9601 and he will discuss directly with you about how we can help. Why wait? Take the NEXT step now by contacting us...


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